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The Home School Digest is a national quarterly publication which has been produced for over 14 years. Each issue is nearly 100 pages and features articles from veteran and new home educators on a variety of issues. Wisdom's Gate, the parent company of HSD, is committed to promoting godly character, family discipleship and developing a biblical worldview. Home School Digest tackles the tough issues that affect your family and helps equip you to fulfill your God-given right to educate your children at home.

Recent articles include: "Are Childhood Vaccinations Dangerous?," "Encouragement for Fathers," "Dating or Waiting?," Improving Speaking Skills," "Why Public Education is Failing," "Controlling Anger," "The Flexible Helpmeet," "How to Survive a Homeschool Conference," "Boycott Homeschool Burnout," "Winning the Heart of a Rebel," "Are You Frugal or Just Plain Cheap?," Interpreting Standardized Test Scores," "Discovering Themes in Literature," "Inside the Brain of a Hyperactive Homeschooler," and dozens of other practical and inspirational topics.

Over the years, HSD has included articles from authors such as: David Barton, Ruth Beechick, Jill Bond, Rick Boyer, Gov. Jeb Bush, Harvey & Laurie Bluedorn, Samuel Blumenfeld, Tom & Sherry Bushnell, S.M. Davis, Dr. James Dobson, Cathy Duffy, Cheri Fuller, John Taylor Gatto, Ken Ham, Chris Klicka, Phil Lancaster, Jonathan Lindvall, Eric & Leslie Ludy, Peter Marshall, Judge Roy Moore, Dr. John Morris, David & Shirley Quine, R.C. Sproul, Jr., K.P. Yohanan, and many, many others.

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