New Jersey
New Jersey

March 8, 2004
Cosmetology Board Postpones Decision

On Tuesday, March 9, the New Jersey Cosmetology Board put off a decision whether to allow home school graduate Laura Byrne to take the cosmetology examination she needs for her license.

Sherrill Byrne, Laura's Mom, spoke to the Board for about twenty minutes and carefully explained the high school program that Laura had received. She even offered the Board four years worth of lesson plans.

Although the Board certainly had enough information to decide on the spot to allow Laura to take the test, they put off their decision. The Board indicated they would decide after she finishes cosmetology school (about April 15).

Phone calls in support of Laura came into the Cosmetology Board office so fast on Monday that the receptionist could barely answer them. Now the Board knows that thousand of homeschoolers across the state are watching!

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