September 12, 2005

More Homeschoolers Eligible For TOPS

The Louisiana legislature passed a bill to reduce the ACT score a home study student would need to be eligible for the Tuition Opportunity Program for Students (TOPS). TOPS awards provide financial assistance to students attending any Louisiana public or postsecondary institution that is part of the Louisiana Association of Independent Colleges and Universities.

On June 20th House Bill 120 passed the legislature unanimously and was then signed by Governor Blanco on June 29, 2005.

Now home study students in Louisiana, those who homeschool under option one in our legal summary, will be eligible for TOPS awards if they score two points higher on the ACT than public school students. While homeschooled students still have to score higher on the ACT than their counterparts, they do not have to meet Louisiana core curriculum requirements to receive TOPS awards.

Through the 2007-2008 school year a home study student needs to achieve the following ACT scores in order to receive the various awards:

  1. For a TOPS-Tech award- 19
  2. For an Opportunity Award- 22
  3. For a Performance Award- 25
  4. For an Honors Award- 29

After the 2007-2008 school year the old ACT requirements will be reinstated. However, several legislators indicated that they would like to make this change permanent and lower the requirements even further.