July 7, 2014

Letter Written to FHSAA for Hardship Waiver

Tj Schmidt answers questions and assists members regarding legal issues in Florida. He and his wife homeschool their children. Read more >>

In October HSLDA Staff Attorney Tj Schmidt wrote a letter on behalf of a young man who was forced to repeat his 12th grade year due to a serious and prolonged illness. This young man had played sports, primarily soccer, as a home education student before his illness caused him to miss nearly an entire school year of academics and sports.

He and his parents requested a hardship waiver of the Florida High School Athletic Association bylaws that only permits four consecutive years of high school sports eligibility (Bylaw 9.5.1). After the family appealed the application of this rule to their son’s situation, Schmidt wrote to the FHSAA and urged them to grant the waiver permitted by Bylaw to this homeschool student and allow him to play soccer for one final year.

About a week later the appeal hearing was heard and the young man and his family were granted the hardship waiver!

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