August 31, 2004
SB 550 (Senator Vasconcellos) was Defeated!

HSLDA is posting the following information from a Legislative NEWSFLASH by Roy Hanson and Jim Davis of Family Protection Ministries (FPM).

For the sixth time in seven years, God has stopped another legislative attempt to force parents to put their children in school at 5 years of age. In large part, because of your phone calls and prayers, the Education Master Plan Conference Committee voted down this proposal and then used this bill for another topic.

SB 550 was the part of the California Master Plan for Education that, among other things, would have required all children to be enrolled in a formal education program at 5 years of age, whether their parents planned to enroll them in a public school or in a private home-based or campus-based school.

No further action is necessary on SB 550.

We appreciate working closely with FPM on issues of concern to homeschoolers in California. Thanks to each of you who support the important work of Family Protection Ministries with your donations and prayers.

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