Parents take education by the horns
September 29, 2011: The Jakarta Post highlights Indonesian families who have discovered the benefits of homeschooling.

 Country Information

Compulsory attendance:
Ages 7-15

Legal status of homeschooling:
Homeschooling is legal. Article 7 of the Indonesian education law (Undang-Undang No. 20/2003) gives parents the right to select how to educate their child.

In May 2007 the Department of Education published a manual detailing the requirements for homeschooling. The manual asks homeschools to register and requires testing at certain levels, but currently there is no enforcement of these requirements. Homeschoolers are not automatically awarded high school diplomas, so entrance into university may be difficult.

Number of Homeschoolers
2,000 families

 Contact Information

Klub Sinau
Home Education Support Group
POC: Maria Magdalena
Email: maria@klubsinau.org

Jakarta Homeschool Club

Teach Asia
POC: Randy Teo
Email: randyteo@teach-asia.com
33 Dairyfarm Rd
Unit 0101
Singapore, Singapore
Tel: 65-9616 4484

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