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Compulsory Education Ages: 5-17

Legal Status: There is no legislation that expressly prohibits homeschooling. According to Articles 264 and 265 of the Civil Code of Argentina (Código Civil de la República Argentina), as well as Articles 6 and 128 of the National Education Act (Ley 26.206), parents and the family are primary agents in the lives of children. These laws state that

  • Minor children are under the authority and care of parents
  • Parents have the duty and the right to raise, support, and educate their children
  • The State guarantees the constitutional right to teach and learn
  • The family is a natural and primary agent in the education of children
  • Parents have the right to choose an educational institution that corresponds to their philosophical, ethical or religious convictions.

Homeschoolers attempted to have home education included in the 2006 review of the education law, but were unsuccessful in their efforts. Homeschooling is not yet formally recognized as an alternative form of education. This makes it difficult for homeschoolers to obtain academic certificates and diplomas.

Country needs: Authorities who are willing to interpret Argentine laws in favor of homeschooling. Homeschool support organizations. Pro-homeschool curriculum and study materials.

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Last Updated: December 13, 2013