Common Core in Missouri:
Missouri Learning Standards

Full implementation will be complete by the 2014–15 school year.

Common Core Implementation Status

1. Teacher Professional Development
2. Curriculum Guides
or Instructional Materials
3. Teacher Evaluation

New Curriculum

State designs frameworks

State provides frameworks

State designs guides

State provides guides

Local districts only

Missouri is working to write comprehensive model curricula for every subject and every grade, though use of these models is optional for school districts.

New Assessments

PARCC member

SBAC member

ACT Aspire

Developing own CC-aligned assessments

In addition to using SBAC assessments in 2014–15, Missouri has aligned current standardized tests with CCSS and will also employ McGraw-Hill assessments that have been aligned to the Common Core.

New Expenditures

New expenditures required to implement the Common Core

Current annual education expenditures

Race to the Top Phase 2 award

(State is not a Race to the Top recipient.)

Education Database Status

P-20 development required by state law

State is capable of having a P-20 database

State has access to homeschool students’ data

Missouri’s statewide longitudinal data system stores a large amount of specific data on students. See this document for data categories.

Potential Impacts on Homeschooling

State currently requires homeschoolers to take state-prescribed tests and report their scores

Homeschoolers must file notice of intent to homeschool

Common Core Legislation

Both HB 616 (which would have prohibited the state board of education from adopting and implementing the standards for public schools developed by the Common Core State Standards Initiative) and SB 210 (requiring the Missouri Department of Education to hold public meetings about the merits of the standards) failed to pass in October 2013.


HB 1490 was recently approved by the Missouri Legislature, and rests on the Governor’s desk. If signed, this legislation mandates replacing Common Core State Standards by the 2016–17 school year. HB 1708 would prohibit the Missouri State Board of Education from implementing the Common Core. SB 514 would prohibit the board of education, Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, and individual school districts from implementing the Common Core. SB 798 would remove Missouri from the Smarter Balanced consortium and repeal Common Core standards. SB 819 provides for more stringent protection of personal data, limits access to records, and reinforces the effort to protect individual privacy.


Local Action Groups

Advocates and Opponents in Missouri

Representative Bahr
Opposes CC

Representative Jones
Opposes CC

Representative Koenig
Opposes CC

Representative Funderburk
Opposes CC

Representative Spencer
Opposes CC

Representative Lant
Opposes CC

Representative Scharnhorst
Opposes CC

Representative Curtman
Opposes CC

Representative Brattin
Opposes CC

Representative Parkinson
Opposes CC

Representative Fraker
Opposes CC

Representative Marshall
Opposes CC

Representative Crawford
Opposes CC

Representative Fitzwater
Opposes CC

Representatie Diehl
Opposes CC

Senator Lamping
Opposes CC

Senator Nieves
Opposes CC

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