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HSLDA's Homeschooling Thru High School Newsletter -- June 2007

HSLDA's Homeschooling Thru High School Newsletter--June 2007
Contests, Competitions, and Scholarships

Dear Friends,

This month marks the second anniversary of HSLDA's Homeschooling Thru
High School program. You, our readers, have energized and encouraged
us by reading and responding to our newsletters, using our resources,
and visiting our website. We thank you!

June brings thoughts of those lazy days of summer soaking up the sun
while enjoying the great outdoors. If your solitude is punctuated with
cries of "I'm bored!" we may have just the solution for you! Why not
use the summer to explore contests/competitions which may be available
to your children and use this free time to begin preparing for them.
Or, begin researching sources for scholarships for your children who
are approaching high school graduation. Let us get you started on your


Having opportunities for your children to showcase their talents and
abilities gives them a desire to develop those areas and motivates
them to pursue excellence.

Our Homeschooling Thru High School website includes a section on
competitions where you can begin your search
( Some of these contests call
for individual entrants while others require team participation. Some
contests or competitions listed on our website may have deadlines that
have already passed for the 2007 awards, but most of them are yearly
so plan now to enter next year's competition.

HSLDA also sponsors contests each year for all ages. We run contests
for essays, photography, art, and poetry. Cash prizes are awarded, and
part of the small entry fee goes to the Home School Foundation as it
assists needy homeschooling families. If you are involved in a
support group, co-op, or group class, why not encourage all of the
teens involved to send in an entry to one of HSLDA's contests? They'll
have fun participating, and will also have the extra satisfaction of
knowing that a homeschool widow, single mom, or needy family will be
helped in the process. To view past contest winners, go to Themes and further
information on upcoming contests will be announced and posted in

Another good source of information, especially at the local level,
will be your state homeschooling organization. It may be able to
direct you to competitions available in your area. This information
may also be found on its website. To find your state organization
website, you can click on our site's link at

If your child is a writer, put those talents to good use and suggest
that your teen consider sending an article to a magazine that
publishes student works. We've listed some you may like to try:

And if your teen has both writing and art skills, then Landmark
Edition's David Melton Memorial Written & Illustrated by... Contest
for Students may be just what you are looking for as well as Scholastic's Art and
Writing Awards (

From time to time, members send us information on contests which are
open to homeschool participation and we will blog the information
encouraging our readers to take advantage of these opportunities. To
check some of these possibilities out, you can read our blog at and quickly scroll through the
current entries as well as those in the blog archive.

Also, if you come across a contest which excludes homeschoolers, you
may want to contact the sponsor of the contest and petition them to
open the contest to homeschoolers. In most cases, the sponsor is not
deliberately choosing to exclude homeschoolers, but it may just need a
polite and reasoned explanation of why homeschoolers should be allowed
to enter.


Other contests may award an honor such as the Congressional Award to
show that your child completed a rigorous program. Homeschoolers have
done very well in this program, and your teen may be motivated to read
about other students who have won this award in the past. (See Still other organizations may
offer prizes such as a trip to tour an area or to participate in a
forum on the national level. Generation Joshua sponsors the Benjamin
Rush Awards Program where entrants can win prizes, a trip to
Washington, D.C., or even a Patrick Henry College scholarship. For
more details see .

Did you know it is possible for homeschool students to be recognized
for outstanding academic/leadership abilities? Although the National
Honor Society does not consider homeschool students eligible for its
organization, there are other entities that recognize the academic
achievements of homeschoolers. We've listed several of these options
here: .

Records of these awards and recognitions should be kept to add to your
children's resumes or extracurricular activity sheets which may be
requested by colleges, employers, or military recruiters. They are
indications that your children are hard working, persevering, and
capable of achieving a level of expertise.


Many of the competitions available to students have monetary rewards.
Money is not only a great motivator, but can also offer an opportunity
for your child to earn scholarships for his or her future plans. By
way of definition, scholarships are free money awarded to persons who
successfully meet the goals set forth by a panel of judges, a
committee, or an individual. Scholarships can be awarded as a result
of a competition, for academic excellence, or based on financial need.
Some sources of scholarship money include your employer (or your
student's employer), local fraternal organizations, and large national
corporations. As an example, one fast food chain
( offers its student employees
scholarship help for college, so don't overlook the obvious. Also
search your public library for books that list a variety of
scholarships and provide you with the eligibility requirements for

Some competitions will offer scholarships which will be earmarked for
post-high school education. Others will simply be awarded to the
participant to be used at his or her discretion. As a tip, don't wait
until your child is a senior in high school to begin researching
scholarship possibilities. Throughout the high school years,
encourage your child to explore the possibilities and take charge of
the hunt! Again, if you need a place to start, we've done the legwork
for you: .

Next month, we'll take a look at some tips for helping your child
balance his high school activities from schoolwork to part-time jobs
to activities to volunteer work to...are you tired yet? If you or
your child is feeling overwhelmed while juggling all of these
activities, then perhaps a good look at time management would be
beneficial. Stay tuned....

Until then, it remains our joy to support you and applaud your
investment in your teen's life,

Becky Cooke and Diane Kummer
HSLDA High School Coordinators

Patrick Henry College's Writing Mentor Program

This program matches your high school student with a PHC student or
graduate who can mentor your student in fiction or nonfiction writing,
assist with school assignments, give students writing exercises and
tips, or edit papers. To learn more about the program or to receive
an application for the fall 2007 semester, visit or email Rebekah Ries at Registration is first-come,
first-served and there are only a limited number of spaces available,
so sign up now for the fall.

Becky and Diane's Speaking Engagements

How wonderful it was to meet many of you at the recent MASSHOPE
conference! We may be coming to a town near you, so check out our
upcoming speaking engagements. We love meeting the faces behind the
phone calls and emails.

June 8-9, 2007 Annual Christian Homeschoolers of Idaho State
Convention, Boise, ID (Becky and Diane)

July 12-14, 2007 24th Annual Christian Home Educators Convention, Long

Beach, CA (Diane)

July 13-14, 2007 Annual Northern Virginia Home Education Conference,
Chantilly, VA (Becky)

September 21, 2007 Indiana Foundation for Home Schooling MapYour
Future 07, Indianapolis, IN
(Becky and Diane)

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