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January“Help for Your New Year’s Homeschooling Resolutions”

February“Testing Basics”

March“Read Aloud to Build Skills and Relationships”

April“Aaand … We’re Off! … Like a Dirty Shirt”

May“Is It Really Time to Plan for Next Year Already?”

June“Science for Preschool through Middle School”

July“So You’re Switching to Homeschooling … Now What?”

August“Joyful Homeschooling”

September“You Aren’t in This Alone”

October“When Mom Goes Back to Work”

November“To Grade or Not to Grade”

December“A Recipe for Fun—and Cookies!”


January“We Interrupt This Homeschool …”

February“Mid-Winter Blahs? Take a Snow Day!”

March“Spring into … Convention Season!”

April“I Hated Homeschool”

May“Cool Stuff I Found at Homeschool Conventions”

June“Summertime … and the Learnin’ is Easy”

July“Cool Stuff I Found at Homeschool Conventions (Part 2)”

August“Back-to-(Home)School Basics”

September“Pen Pals”

October“ Everyday Math for Young Learners”

November“Giving ‘Thanks’”

December“Last-Minute Christmas Ideas for Families;”


January“You Spoke, We Listened”

February“Testing Basics”

March“Art for the Homeschool”

April“Stir Up a Little Homeschool Enthusiasm ”

May“What Records Should You Keep?”

June“Aaand … We’re Off!”

July“Heartache and Heartstrings”

August“Raising Kids Who Help at Home”

September“Kids in the Kitchen”

October“You Asked—HSLDA’s Toddlers to Tweens Answered!”

November“Dry Bones”

December“Cultivating the Habit of Kindness”


January“Got Resolutions? Let HSLDA Help!”

February“Got the Winter Homeschool Blahs”

March“Homeschooling the Young Learner”

April“From East to West, Which Test is Best?”

May“Navigating the Used Curriculum Route”

June“Creating Our Own Opportunities”

July“Organizing Your Home for Success”

August“Field Trips 101”

September“Five Roadblocks to Homeschool Success”

October“Teaching Geography”

November“Grateful for the Gift of Parenthood ”

December“How to Start Homeschooling Mid-Year”


January“Training in Diligence and Thoroughness”

February“Keeping Preschool in Perspective”

March“Surrendering to the Seasons of Life”

April“Getting the Most out of Your Homeschool Convention”

May“Cool Stuff I Found at Homeschool Conventions”

June“How Did You Do This Year?”

July“Where Do You Start? Placement Tests and Other Orientation Tools”

August“Homeschooling on a Shoestring—Spotlight On: Social Studies”

September“Homeschooling on a Shoestring—Spotlight On: Science”

October“Homeschooling on a Shoestring—Spotlight On: Math”

November“Twelve Tips for Happy and Productive Parenting”

December“Homeschooling on a Shoestring—Spotlight On: Language Arts”


December “Raising Kids Who Help at Home—Part Two”

November “Raising Kids Who Help at Home—Part One: Laying a Foundation”

October“How Do They Learn?”

September“Lesson Planning: Strategy for Success”

August“Extracurricular Activities”

July“Help! I’m Organizationally Challenged!”

June“What I Did on My Summer Vacation (Traveling with Children)”

May“Finding the Gift in Your Child”

April“Deliberate Devotions”

March“What Should I Be Teaching?”

February“Testing and Evaluations”

January“Mid-Year Motivation”


December“Making the Most of the Middle School Years”

November“Homeschool Fun and Games”

October“Holidays as Homeschool Curriculum”

September“Civics for Preschool thru Middle School”

August“‘Jump Start’ to a Joyful School Year”

July“Multi-Level Teaching: Homeschooling More than One Child”

June“A Father’s Role”

May“Lessons Learned—Finishing the School Year”

April“End-of-Year Assessments”

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