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History for Every Learner: An Interview with Diana Waring

Vol. 98, Prg. 26–30
July 26–30, 2010

Teaching history can seem like a mundane task. But think of it this way: you have the opportunity to introduce your children to people and events that can change their lives! Diana Waring joins host Mike Smith on this week’s program to share how you can teach history in a way that effectively engages each of your children.

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History We Love to Learn
Whose History?
Special Interest Studies
Hands-On History
Making It Meaningful


Diana WaringDiana Waring

Extremely happily married since 1979, Diana and Bill Waring have three of the best children in the world (do you still call them children when they are all over 21?), have homeschooled forever, and have a passion for encouraging parents to enjoy their homeschooling/parenting adventure. Diana’s presentations on world history and on learning issues have delighted families in many nations and settings. She is well-known for her encouraging, fast-paced, and humorous books and CDs on homeschooling as well as her world history curriculum published by Answers in Genesis. For 26 years she has been a student of the art of home education, learning from her mentors, her children, and her mistakes. Diana brings professional expertise and enthusiasm to inspire a fresh love of learning. She has been traveling and speaking throughout the U.S. and Canada for the past 20 years and more recently in Europe, Asia, and the South Pacific. Visit her at www.dianawaring.com.

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Want to make history more exciting for your student? Check out Diana Waring’s strategies for captivating your students and making learning come alive! Click the link above to learn more or watch Diana’s @home e-vent today!

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