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Exploring Marine Biology

Vol. 93, Prg. 6–10
October 26–30, 2009

Even when you have limited resources and live far from the ocean, marine biology offers exciting opportunities for home education. On this week’s program, marine biologist Sherri Seligson gives ideas for studying life under the sea—everything from algae science projects to evidence for a Creator.

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Under the Sea
Created Sea Creatures
Marine Biology—Away from the Ocean
All Hands on Fish
Wet Destination


Sherri SeligsonSherri Seligson
Before Sherri Seligson was promoted to the position of mother, she worked as a marine biologist at Walt Disney World’s Living Seas pavilion in EPCOT Center, where she was involved in collecting and maintaining coral reef animals, especially focusing on fish nutrition and marine predator care. During this time, she completed research on shark behavior and was the first individual representing Walt Disney World to have research published.

Besides authoring Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Marine Biology text and curriculum, Sherri has written several articles for marine-related magazines such as Tropical Fish Hobbyist and Aquarium Magazine as well as articles for homeschool publications. She has a very motivated heart for teaching students the importance of studying God’s creation and equipping them to give an answer for their faith; and she also speaks at conventions, where she loves to encourage other moms on their homeschooling journey.

Sherri and her husband, David, live in Orlando, Florida, where they have been homeschooling their four children for 15 years and can take many “field trips” to the beach.

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