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Cultivating Creativity as a Mom

Vol. 91, Prg. 1–5
July 13–17, 2009

Everyone needs a creative, expressive outlet—even you, Mom! By embracing your own individual interests, you can better nurture your children’s passions and abilities. Infuse your homeschool routine with life and vibrancy by giving yourself time to enjoy and create.

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Why Create?
Making Outside Connections
A Time for Everything
Opening Eyes through Art
Lighting the Fire of Creativity


Heidi Berry Heidi Berry
Heidi began riding horses when she was 11 years old. She started teaching professionally in her late teens to help pay for her college education. Today, she is an advanced dressage rider, trainer, and horse show judge.

Heidi has been married for 25 years to Russ, who is very supportive of her hobby and business. She is the mother of two boys, 15-year-old Seth and 9-year-old Beto. She has homeschooled both boys from kindergarten. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Towson State University in Maryland. Heidi is active in her local church. She leads Bible studies, mentors other women, and teaches Sunday school classes. For many years, she produced her church’s annual Christmas play.

Heidi, Seth, and Beto are serious and competitive riders, while husband Russ enjoys the maintenance chores around their small farm. Heidi realizes how much God has blessed her life and enjoys being fully engaged in a wide variety of activities. As her husband says, “The grass never grows under her feet!”

Meka Zieger Meka Zieger
Meka Zieger homeschools and draws her four children with her husband, Jon, learning daily how to really see them. She encourages any homeschoolers—parents and kids—who want to develop the habit of allowing for quiet reflection and appreciation for the simple and fleeting to just draw it! To see a day in her life, visit her blog.

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