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Delaying Romantic Relationships until Ready for Marriage
Volume 88, Program 28
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Courtship—as old-fashioned as the term may sound, many homeschool parents have recognized the practical benefits of guiding their children in the pursuit of healthy and godly relationships. Today on Home School Heartbeat, host Mike Farris talks about the first principle of courtship.

Mike Farris:
In high schools, middle schools, and even in today’s elementary schools, dating is an expected activity. Often kids feel that they must have a boyfriend or girlfriend in order to fit in with their peers. Rather than subject children to the pressures of the dating culture, many homeschooling parents have trained their children in courtship.

The first principle of courtship is this: all romantic relationships are reserved until the season of life when a person’s ready to be married. In order for a young man to be ready for marriage in a practical sense, he must be able and willing to support a family. And that normally requires him to delay any kind of romantic pairing off until he’s at least in his early 20s—late teens for young women.

When young men and young women reach this age, they’re far more likely to be emotionally and practically prepared for a romantic relationship. By avoiding dating through most of the teenage years and waiting until the season of life when they’re married, young people are free to be friends with members of the opposite sex, without worrying about the pressures of romantic entanglements. Courtship frees young teens to see each other as potential friends, rather than potential dates.

I’m Mike Farris.

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What role does Dad play in his daughter's life? Michael Farris suggests day-to-day strategies to build character and spiritual strength in your daughter—from infancy to adulthood. His solid, practical advice covers choosing friends, setting spiritual goals, preparing for career choices, and courtship and marriage. Father of six daughters (and four sons!), Farris shares how you can help your daughter realize her God-given potential.

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