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Passing the Baton to Your Children: Interview with Jeff Myers

Vol. 84, Prg. 16–20
August 25–29, 2008

Dr. Jeff Myers, author of Handoff: The Only Way to Win the Race of Life, calls today’s youth the “numb”—the generation unreached by powerful positive influences. But you can reach them. On this week’s Home School Heartbeat, you’ll learn how to pass the baton of leadership, empowering your children to become the change they want to see in the world.

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Winning the Race of Life
Curing the Leadership Crisis
Reaching the Unteachable
Making a Memorable Mark
Rescuing Your Children from Irresponsibility


Dr. Jeff Myers
Dr. Jeff Myers Dr. Jeff Myers is an Associate Professor of Communication Arts at Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee, where he teaches undergraduate courses and MBA courses in leadership and communication. He is also President of Passing the Baton International, a non-profit ministry with a vision to equip and train one million adults to coach and mentor the next generation of leaders in a biblical worldview, Christ-centered leadership and bold, godly communication.

Over the last decade Dr. Myers has consulted with churches, Christian schools, non-profit organizations, political groups and businesses to help them hone their ability to identify and develop the next generation of leaders.

He also serves as Chairman of the Board of Colorado-based Summit Ministries, where he has served for more than two decades as a curriculum developer (Understanding the Times) and conference developer (Summit adult conference, Summit youth conferences in Tennessee, North Carolina, and Alberta, Canada).

Dr. Myers is the author of six books and three video coaching systems including Secrets of Everyday Leaders, Secrets of the World-Changers, and Secrets of Great Communicators—all published by Broadman and Holman Publishers.

He and his wife Danielle homeschool their four children. They live in rural east Tennessee, where Jeff loves driving a pickup and operating power equipment to landscape, remodel, and build things.

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If you wished our series with Dr. Jeff Myers could have continued for five more days, be encouraged: his new book, Handoff: The Only Way to Win the Race of Life, contains more insights on passing the baton to your children.

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