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Homeschooling More than One Child: An Interview with Carren Joye

Vol. 82, Prg. 26–30
June 2–6, 2008

When you’re just beginning the homeschool process with several children in tow, it can be pretty tough figuring out what works for each child both academically and socially. Trying to balance the needs of various ages, juggle regular housework, and discover all of the tools that work for your homeschool? As Mike Smith and this week’s guest will explain, there are many practical ways parents can begin the homeschooling endeavor without unnecessary headache.

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Suddenly Homeschooling
Juggling Multiple Commitments
Choosing or Designing a Curriculum to Fit Each Child
Finding Socialization Opportunities for All Ages
The One-Room Schoolhouse


Carren W. Joye
Carren W. Joye is the mother of four homeschooled children and the author of Homeschooling More Than One Child: A Practical Guide for Families. Carren has also authored A Stay-at-Home Mom’s Complete Guide to Playgroups and an Alabama State History Curriculum. The curriculum has been used not only by many homeschooling families around the state but also by a private school and two homeschool co-ops.

Since 1994, Carren has founded a regional homeschool support group, statewide homeschool umbrella, homeschool co-op, and four playgroups. She currently serves as administrator of the homeschool umbrella and co-op. In addition, Carren maintains a website devoted to answering questions about homeschooling in her state and to helping parents nationwide start and maintain playgroups, support groups, and co-ops.

Carren graduated valedictorian and magna cum laude with the B.A. in Communication from Coker College in South Carolina. She currently resides with her family in Alabama where she and her husband have always homeschooled their children. You can find out more about Carren and homeschooling at www.OutlookAcademy.com.

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Are you wondering how to balance homeschooling several students at different academic levels? Carren Joye's book offers insight into this issue.

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