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Making the Grade: Why does Grading Matter?

Vol. 82, Prg. 16–20
May 19–23, 2008

When it comes to evaluating schoolwork in the homeschool setting, some parents wonder if their expectations are too high while others worry theirs are too low. With this kind of confusion, why even grade? On this week’s series, Mike Smith and his guest Lesha Myers talk about the value of grading and how to make it work for your homeschool.

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Why is Grading so Important?
Does Grading Need to be Hard Work?
Take the Mystery out of Grading!
A Biblical Perspective on Grading
Discover Your Family’s Grading Philosophy


Lesha Myers
Lesha Myers has ministered to the homeschool community since 1989, graduating her last child from homeschool high school in 2004. She and her husband operate Cameron Academy, an independent study program for Christian families in Contra Costa County, California. Lesha wrote three books, His California Story to encourage Christian children about their true heritage, Making the Grade to offer practical methods for homeschool parents to grade and evaluate their own children, and The Elegant Essay to equip students to think and write analytically. Lesha’s three favorite activities are teaching, traveling, and writing.

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Making the Grade

Lesha Myer

Grading schoolwork doesn’t have to be that hard! Click on the above link to find out how to order your copy of Lesha Myer’s book.

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