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The Dissenting Tradition in American Education

Vol. 79, Prg. 21–25
December 31, 2007–January 4, 2008

What led to the homeschool movement? This week, we’ll hear from author Dr. James Carper as he explains the history of the American public school system’s first dissenters.

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The Dissenting Tradition
America's Early Years
The Common School
Conscience-based Dissenters
Homeschooling and the Dissenting Tradition

James C. Carper
is a professor of Social Foundations of Education in the Department of Educational Studies at The University of South Carolina, where he has been a faculty member since 1989. His research interests include the history of education in the United States, education and religion, and private schools. He has co-authored or co-edited nine books on religion and education, most recently with Thomas C. Hunt, The Dissenting Tradition in American Education (New York: Peter Lang, 2007). His essays have appeared in History of Education Quarterly, Educational Forum, Journal of Church and State, Educational Leadership, Register of the Kentucky Historical Society, Educational Policy, Mid-America, and Kappa Delta Pi Record. He is a past president of Associates for Research on Private Education.

He and Kathy, his wife of 38 years, have two adult children and a total of 16 years of homeschooling experience. Kathy is the President of the South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools (SCAIHS). They are members of Cornerstone Presbyterian Church (PCA), where they sing, care for infants, and occasionally teach.

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The Dissenting Tradition in American Education

Dr. James Carper and Dr. Thomas Hunt

Dr. James Carper and Dr. Thomas Huntís book recounts episodes of Catholic and Protestant nonconformity since the inception of public education, including how this led to the homeschooling movement.

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