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Teaching Very Young Children

Vol. 74, Prg. 16–20
April 23–27, 2007

What is my infant, toddler, or preschooler capable of learning? You’d be surprised! As children learn how to walk, talk, and play, they are also laying the foundation for the learning that will take place when they start formal education. This week, grandmother and early childhood educator June Oberlander joins Mike Smith to discuss this topic.

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The First Five Years
How Young Children Learn
Formal or Informal?
Getting Ready for Formal Education
An Activity to Try

June Oberlander

June OberlanderJune R. Oberlander, mother of two and grandmother of seven, is a retired kindergarten teacher with over 25 years of teaching experience in public and private education. She has spoken to more than 100 groups in schools, hospitals, libraries, churches and parenting organizations through out the United States. She devotes her energy to assisting parents and caregivers in developing preschool skills in their children and refreshing the preschool teaching skills of grandparents.

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Written by a retired kindergarten teacher, this book shows you when, how, and what skills to develop in your child from birth to age 5.The 260 developmental activities take only about 10 minutes each and use common household items. Slow and Steady also contains measurable parameters for profiling your child’s early development and tips for solving behavior problems.

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