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Interview with Ned Ryun

Vol. 68, Prg. 6–10
June 19–23, 2006

Every citizen has a role to play in electing good leaders to office—even your 13-year-old can make a difference! This week, Mike Smith talks with Ned Ryun, director of Generation Joshua. Explore the reasons why political involvement is so important, and discover some practical ways you and your kids can take part in our nation’s government.

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From Kids to Citizens
Learn About Politics from the Inside Out
Too Young to Vote?
Putting a Civics Education into Action
Learning About Politics as a Family

Ned Ryun
Ned Ryun A former presidential writer for George W. Bush and son of sitting U.S. Congressman Jim Ryun, Ned Ryun is the director of the Generation Joshua program, a division of Home School Legal Defense Association. Ned also directs the HSLDA Federal Political Action Committee. After earning degrees in English and history from the University of Kansas, Ned coauthored Heroes Among Us with his father and twin brother, Drew. Ned and his wife, Becca, reside in Northern Virginia with their son, Nathaniel.

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Generation Joshua

Home School Legal Defense Association

Want to know more about Generation Joshua’s unique programs that provide real-life experience in civics and politics? Follow the link above to GenJ’s website.

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