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The Reluctant Learner

Vol. 64, Prg. 11–15
December 12–16, 2005

A child’s unwillingness to learn may be evidence of a heart attitude, specific learning challenges, or even an uninteresting curriculum. This week, Michael Farris talks with Debra Bell, a home educator and director of the Home School Resource Center, about how to assess a child’s abilities and attitudes and motivate him to love learning.

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Attitudes and Abilities
Internal and External Factors
Top Ten Ways to Motivate the Reluctant Learner -- Part 1
Top Ten Ways to Motivate the Reluctant Learner -- Part 2
Top Ten Ways to Motivate the Reluctant Learner -- Part 3
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Would you like to give your homeschool an extra boost? Find new ideas at Debra Bell’s Home School Resource Center. It’s chock-full of books, articles, and experienced advice. For more information, follow the above link.

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