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Interview with Marcia Somerville

Vol. 62, Prg. 11–15
September 5–9, 2005

Do you want to homeschool your child through high school, but wonder if you have the ability and time to make it happen? This week, hear how one mother overcame her fears and successfully homeschooled her children through high school. You’ll gain valuable tips, teaching strategies, and encouragement to press on.

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Introducing Marcia Somerville
Preparing our children for life
Simplifying high school
Teaching them to teach themselves


Marcia Somerville

Senator CoburnMarcia Somerville is starting her 21st year of homeschooling in fall 2005. She and her husband, Scott, who is an attorney for the Home School Legal Defense Association, have six children, five of whom have graduated from high school. Marcia currently teaches local co-op classes using Tapestry of Grace, a history-based unit study curriculum she created. In addition, Marcia continues to homeschool her youngest daughter, Marjorie, through high school.

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Are you struggling to homeschool several children at once? Discover Tapestry of Grace, a unit study curriculum designed to encourage independent learning. For more information, follow the above link.

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