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The Internet and homeschooling: An interview with Zan Tyler

Vol. 57, Prg. 1–5
December 20–24, 2004

This week, host Mike Smith is joined by Zan Tyler to explore using the Internet in your homeschool program. Whether you feel you don't know a thing about the Internet or you simply want to find out more about online resources, tune in for some exciting ideas and helpful suggestions.

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The Internet and homeschooling parents
The Internet and homeschooling
Chat rooms and message boards
Internet hazards: Dangerous websites
Internet hazards: Time wasting


Zan Tyler

Zan Tyler has been a homeschooling mother, lobbyist, political strategist, and media spokesperson since 1984. In 1987, she was honored as the South Carolina Homemaker of the Year. She and her husband, Joe, founded the South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools in 1990 and Zan served as its president for 10 years. The governor of South Carolina awarded Zan the Order of the Palmetto—the highest honor a civilian can receive—in 1998. Zan speaks on a wide variety of homeschooling topics and finds it one of her greatest joys in life to encourage other homeschooling mothers.

Zan is the Homeschool Resource and Media Consultant for Broadman & Holman Publishers and the Homeschool Editor for LifeWay.com (http://www.lifeway.com/homeschool). Her work appears in a variety of publications, including the prestigious Peabody Journal of Education and the Home School Court Report. She coauthored Anyone Can Homeschool with Dr. Terry Dorian in 1996 and has appeared on NBC's Today Show with Katie Couric. Zan's new book, Seven Tools for Cultivating Your Child's Potential, will be released in June 2005.

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