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Serving missionary families: An interview with Nancy Elwood

Vol. 53, Prg. 11–15
June 21–25, 2004

Nancy Elwood, interim president of SHARE Education Services, joins Mike Farris to address the special concerns of missionary families who homeschool. Based in Budapest, Hungary, SHARE provides educational resources, consultation, and testing for North American expatriates in Europe, Russia, and Central Asia. Tune in for a clear picture of homeschooling in other countries and what you can do to help.

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Share Education Services
Homeschooling on the mission field
Answers for missionary families
How can the church help?
Families on the front lines


Nancy Elwood

Nancy Elwood serves as the executive director of SHARE Education Services, a partnership of educators working with missionary families to provide information and resources for meeting the educational needs of their children. She and her husband, Mike, have served as missionaries in the Balkans for 21 years with Greater Europe Mission. They currently live in Budapest, Hungary, where Mike is involved in strategic prayer initiatives and networking believers to foster church planting movements in the region. Mike and Nancy raised two sons on the field, who are now in the United States in ministry and in college. Nancy loves her work with missionary families and believes that God is blessing the ministry of SHARE as they work to keep missionary families healthy and on the field.

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Would you like to know more about homeschooling around the world and how you can offer to help? Get in touch with SHARE Education Services by visiting their website at the above link.

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