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What is Mentoring

Vol. 52, Prg. 31–35
May 31–June 4, 2004

As your teens get older, you probably find yourself giving them more and more independence as they demonstrate responsibility. In the midst of these changes, how can you help your teens make a smooth transition to adulthood? This week, Inge Cannon joins Mike Smith to discuss mentoring—the process of guiding your teens through major life decisions. It's an effective way to invest in their lives, and it doesn't take an expert—just loving parents who want to see their children become mature, successful adults.

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What Is Mentoring?
The Goal of Mentoring
Spiritual Mentoring
Helping Your Child Discover His Vocation
Tools for Mentoring


Inge Cannon

Inge Cannon earned a master's degree in education, and has over 30 years of traditional classroom and educational administrative experience. But in 1984 her imagination was captured by the possibilities of the emerging homeschooling movement. Providing parents with the tools to effectively train their children and furthering the cause of the homeschooling movement has been her mission ever since.

In 1984 she helped launch the Advanced Training Institute's pilot program. She continued to assist in the development of the ATI curriculum and educational program until 1990, when she accepted the position of director of the National Center for Home Education, a division of Home School Legal Defense Association.

But equipping parents to train their children remained her passion. In 1995, she and her husband, Dr. Ron Cannon, launched Education PLUS (Pattering Learning Upon Scripture).

Dr. Cannon retired from active service in the U.S. Air Force with the rank of Major after 24 years. He earned his doctorate in biblical and theological studies from Trinity Seminary in 1985.

Together, Ron and Inge have written a curriculum designed for the entire family to work together in an interdisciplinary way around the core of Scripture. They have authored and taught extensive seminars about organizing your high school program, creating transcripts and issuing diplomas, mentoring young people in career decisions and training options, and developing discernment in the selection of Christian music. In addition, Inge has authored how-to books on teaching children etiquette and planning curriculum around the core of Scripture. The Cannons' current project focus is "Transcript Boot Camp," a series of one-day seminars presented in major cities throughout the U.S., and the development of a CD-Rom "TranscriptPro," which enables home-educating parents to produce professional high school transcripts.

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Learn more about mentoring with the Cannons' Mentoring Your Teen: Charting the Course to Successful Adulthood seminar. Visit the Education PLUS website for details.

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