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Teaching Latin

Vol. 52, Prg. 21–25
May 17–21, 2004

Latin is more than a "dead language." It can enrich your homeschool program and improve your kids' grasp of other subjects. This week, Mike Farris interviews Patrick Henry College classics professor David Noe on how and why to teach Latin. PHC student Sarah Lewis, a Latin tutor, also participates. With a host of resources at your fingertips and a myriad of teaching options, you'll experience the rewards of including this classical language in your curriculum.

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What’s So Important about Latin?
Latin in the Elementary Grades
Latin for College Students
Books and Resources
Help for the Puzzled Mom: The Tutoring Option


David C. Noe, Ph.D.

David Noe teaches Greek and Latin at Patrick Henry College. He earned his B.A. degrees in classical languages and philosophy from Calvin College in 1995, and his Ph.D. in classics from the University of Iowa in April 2003. Dr. Noe's areas of expertise are Hellenistic philosophy and the Patristic era.

Sarah Lewis

Sarah Lewis is a junior at Patrick Henry College, working toward a degree in literature. As the eldest of 10 homeschooled children, she has had many opportunities to learn from her mother's excellent tutoring and even to tutor some of her siblings. She hopes to combine her love of teaching, literature, and languages by teaching high school literature and Latin after she graduates. Another of her goals is to read the Aeneid in Latin before reading it in English.

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Even if you never studied Latin, you can still teach it to your children. Use our resource sheet to discover a variety of books, websites, and curricula for different proficiency levels. Let Latin enrich your homeschool, and have fun in the process!

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