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Studying Science at Home

Vol. 50, Prg. 21–25
February 9–13, 2004

Does the thought of teaching your children science seem daunting? It doesn’t have to be! On this week’s Home School Heartbeat, homeschool dad Mike Farris shares practical advice about launching your kids into the world of science. By capitalizing on your youngest children’s natural observation skills, you can help them understand the scientific method. Then, see scientific principles in action by doing experiments with items you probably have around your house. And if you’ve ever worried about whether your teenagers will be prepared for college-level science courses, relax—you have a whole host of options at your fingertips!

Mike Farris wraps up the week by discussing the role of Christianity in science. Don’t miss this chance to learn how you can make the valuable study of science a pivotal part of your home education program.

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Teaching Observation Skill to Young Children
From Asking "Why" to Developing Hypotheses
Elementary Experiments
Bio and Chem and Physics--Oh My!
Glimpses of God's Eternal Power and Divine Nature
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Teaching science can be fun and easy! This list of resources can help you find a science curriculum that will work for your homeschool, whether a traditional textbook, experimental science course, or CD-Rom program. Help your kids find the fun in science.

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