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Why we should study ancient history

Vol. 41, Prg. 6–10
November 4–8, 2002

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History v. social studies
The importance of ancient history
Avoiding me-centered history
Western history v. world history
Putting the “story” back in history

This week Mike Smith interviews:

Rob Shearer of Greenleaf Press

Rob and Cyndy Shearer are the proud homeschooling parents of seven children. Rob studied and taught history for nine years before wandering in the corporate wilderness for ten. Cyndy studied and taught creative writing and English literature for ten years. They are presently the owners of Greenleaf Press and the authors of the "Greenleaf Guide" series of history books.

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Putting the Story Back in History

Rob and Cyndy Shearer

Why do most of us dislike history? Why do our children cringe when it's time to do a history lesson? Rob and Cyndy Shearer encourage home schooling parents to rediscover the joys that come when history is no long a dreary list of dates, battles and principal imports and exports, but the stories of real people who have real problems and real gifts.

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