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A Response to Rob Reich - A Serious Challenge to Home Schooling, An Interview with Tom Washburne

Vol. 39, Prg. 11–15
August 5–9, 2002

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An Academic Attack on Home Schooling
Who Has Authority over Your Children?
A Dangerous New Challenge to Home Schooling
Is Home Schooling a Preference or a Right?
The Challenges Ahead for Home Schooling


Tom Washburn

Thomas Washburne is the Director of the National Center for Home Education. He directs HSLDA’s federal policy staff and its legislative activities in Washington, DC. Tom is also an adjunct instructor in government at Patrick Henry College. Prior to working at HSLDA, Tom worked on Capitol Hill for nearly seven years, most recently as chief of staff for an Indiana congressman. He holds an engineering degree from Purdue, and a law degree from Indiana University. He has served as a federal judicial law clerk, practiced law privately, and was an Abraham Lincoln Fellow in Constitutional Government with the Claremont Institute. His articles have appeared in the Washington Times, the Regent University Law Review, and other publications. He has been a guest lecturer/speaker for Indiana University, the U.S. Department of Defense Industrial War College, and the Center for Christian Statesmanship. A home schooling father of five, Tom and his wife, Lynne, live in Lovettsville, Virginia.

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The Boundaries of Parental Authority

Tom Washburn
Director of the National Center for Home Education
A division of HSLDA

Washburn refutes the idea that children should be burdened with adult “rights of choice.” He points to the real issue motivating home schooling critic Robert Reich to argue that children have an interest in education separate from the states and separate from their parents—namely that home school children are beyond the influence of the educational elite’s relativistic worldview.

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