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Sights Near and Far
Volume 119, Program 5
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You’re ready for an exciting field trip . . . but the Museum of Natural History is just a little too far to make a day trip. So what do you do? Join us today on Home School Heartbeat, as your host Mike Smith explores museum options for homeschooling families all around the country!

Mike Smith:
This week, we’ve been talking about heating up your midwinter homeschooling routine with a day at the museum. Now, you might be thinking, “This would be great if I lived near DC, New York, or LA. But our family is in the middle of nowhere!”

Not so fast, my friend! Do you live near a college or university? You might discover anything from an inspiring collection of fine art, to a natural history treasure trove, to an exhibit of engineering feats.

If you’re far from a big city or college town, take a close look at the local scene. Is there a collection related to a local agricultural or manufacturing invention? Many historical societies have museums or historical houses related to a famous local figure. See if they have regular tours or educational days, or if someone from your local historical society would arrange a special tour, just for your homeschool!

And with today’s online resources, if you can’t road-trip to a bigger town for some museum action, you aren’t stuck! Want to take a tour of the Louvre? It’s at your fingertips! Or explore the architecture of Rome with a virtual tour! Our friends at the Smithsonian offer great help for learning, and we’ll have some special resources from them available online for you.

The only limitation on what you can do as a homeschooler is your imagination. So start dreaming! And until next time, I’m Mike Smith.

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