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If only teaching a preschooler were as easy as 1-2-3! Today, on Home School Heartbeat, Home School Legal Defense Association’s early years consultant talks with host Mike Smith about resources that could help make teaching your child certain skills a little simpler.

Mike Smith: Vicki, are there any resources you can recommend to preschool parents who homeschool?

Vicki Bentley: Well, in our article “What to do with a preschooler,” we do include suggestions from less structured to more structured, with links to some of my favorites. Remember that children’s play is their work; it looks easy to us, but it’s not easy to them. It develops their thinking, and it provides life experiences, kind of like hooks, on which they can hang their future learning, so provide age-appropriate developmental toys, such as Legos or building blocks and thinking skills and puzzles and art supplies and dress-ups and tools and musical instruments and baby dolls and cooking toys, and then, of course, those picture books for read-alouds. You can check your local homeschooler MOPS group for field trips and activities geared specifically to that attention span and interest level of your preschoolers. Some of my favorite books for parents are The Smarter Preschooler, Homepreschool and Beyond, and Mommy, Teach Me! Then Making the Most of the Preschool Years has lots of preschool ideas, while the Before Five in a Rowguide has some fun and educational activities that are based on classic kids’ books from the library. And of course we have these resources and more just for you at hslda.org/preschool.

Mike: Vicki, these resources, as well as your other insights this week, will be very helpful for many parents. Thank you so much for joining us! And, until next time, I’m Mike Smith.

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