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Bridging the Gap: An Interview with Artist Makoto Fujimura

Vol. 117, Prg. 66–70
December 2–6, 2013

This week on Home School Heartbeat, guest Makoto Fujimura explains the importance of artists and shares how you can bridge the gap between art and your church, community, and classroom.

“Artists have a responsibility to care for culture and to use things that are true and authentic that can help people to see through the darkness.”—Makoto Fujimura

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Exploring Beauty
God is an Artist
The International Arts Movement
Beauty in the Midst of Lamentation
Budding Artists: Experience Life
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Makoto Fujimura:

Photo taken by Bjorn Amundsen.

Makoto Fujimura is an artist, writer, and speaker who is recognized worldwide as a cultural shaper. A presidential appointee to the National Council on the Arts from 2003–09, Fujimura served as an international advocate for the arts, speaking with decision makers and advising governmental policies on the arts.

Fujimura’s work is exhibited at galleries around the world, including Dillon Gallery in New York, Sato Museum in Tokyo, The Contemporary Museum of Tokyo, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts Museum, Bentley Gallery in Arizona, Gallery Exit and Oxford House at Taikoo Place in Hong Kong, and Vienna’s Belvedere Museum.

A popular speaker, he has lectured at numerous conferences, universities and museums, including the Aspen Institute, Yale, Princeton and other major universities.

Fujimura’s book, Refractions: A Journey of Faith, Art and Culture, is a collection of essays bringing together people of all backgrounds in a conversation and meditation on culture, art, and humanity. In celebration of the 400th Anniversary of the King James Bible, Crossway Publishing commissioned and published The Four Holy Gospels, featuring Fujimura’s illuminations of the sacred texts.

Fujimura is a recipient of two, doctor of arts honorary degrees; from Belhaven University in 2011, and Biola University in 2012.

You can visit Makoto Fujimura’s website at makotofujimura.com. For more information on the International Arts Movement, visit internationalartsmovement.org.

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