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Meet the Pilgrim Fathers
Volume 117, Program 56
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Apples, pumpkins, crisp weather, and the smell of wood smokeā€”the signs of Thanksgiving are all around us! Has Thanksgiving, though, made its way into your homeschool? This week on Home School Heartbeat, host Mike Smith suggests various ways that you can combine celebration and learning.

Mike Smith:
Have you noticed? Thanksgiving is here! This week, we’ll learn about ways that you can bring this all-American celebration into your family’s homeschool.

Perhaps the most obvious way to incorporate Thanksgiving is with a history study. Thanksgiving is, after all, a historical celebration! As you and your children travel back in time to learn about the Pilgrim’s harvest celebration in 1621, start with the original account. Edward Winslow recorded, “Our harvest being gotten in, our governor sent four men on fowling, that so we might after a special manner rejoice together, after we had gathered the fruits of our labors.”

Learn why the first harvest was particularly significant by reading William Bradford’s account of the colony’s initial hardships in his history Of Plymouth Plantation.

Do you have little ones in your home with a short attention span for listening to Pilgrim history? Try a simpler account, and then make history come to life for them with some reenactment! Even young children can grasp the story of Thanksgiving by play-acting as you or an older child narrates the events.

Reading the historical accounts is just the beginning, though! Next time, we'll discover more ways to celebrate and learn. And until then, I’m Mike Smith.

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