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A Broken Philosophy
Volume 117, Program 10

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Discerning the overall goal of any educational approach is an important step in assessing its true value. Join host Mike Farris and HSLDA Federal Relations Director Will Estrada as they examine the philosophy driving the Common Core State Standards Initiative. That’s today on Home School Heartbeat.

Mike Farris:
Will, the longer I study the Common Core, the more I realize that the problems are not in the details of the mathematics or language arts standards but in its overall structure and its overall purpose. Can you talk to us about that?

Will Estrada:
Mike, the whole point of the Common Core is creating students who are ready for college and career, instead of teaching students about how they can love learning. I always remember what William Butler Yeats, the Irish poet, said, “Education is not about filling up a bucket but lighting a fire.” That’s what homeschool students have proven with their success, because homeschool parents are instilling a love of learning in their children. The Common Core is focused on this college- and career-readiness: it’s nothing more than a fight between two worldviews. Are kids cogs in the system, or are they each an individual person who has a God-given spirit and a God-given future ahead of them?

Mike:Will, one of the ways we see the evidence of what you just outlined is this: All individualized learning that’s truly valuable is lost in this one-size-fits-all, organized fashion to make us all, really, a bunch of drones. And it has nothing to do with the real goals of education: seeking truth, knowing God, what’s true, what’s beautiful, what’s wise? Those kinds of questions simply are left out of the Common Core entirely. They don’t even consider them, because those values are not important to the people that are pursuing it.

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