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The Threat to Homeschooling
Volume 117, Program 7

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In this competitive world, preparing students to enter the college or career of their choice can be challenging. But do we need another attempt at standardizing a national curricula to reach this goal? Join Michael Farris and Will Estrada today on Home School Heartbeat as they explore the pitfalls of the Common Core Standards Initiative.

Mike Farris:
Will, why should homeschoolers be wary of the Common Core? What’s so bad about states developing a common curriculum so that all the public school districts have the same educational standards?

Will Estrada:
Mike, national standards will always lead to national curriculum because the standards guide the curriculum and then the tests which follow the curriculum. As a result, with this one-size-fits-all, national approach to the standards that children learn, the pressure is going to build and build for homeschoolers and for private schools that do not receive federal funds to eventually start teaching some or all of this Common Core. The second problem is we’re already seeing an alignment of the tests that all students take. For example, the SAT and the ACT, many of the publishers which push out these tests are saying that they’re going to start aligning their tests to the Common Core. And so what will happen is that homeschoolers who use independent curriculum will be disadvantaged when they take these tests because their kids have not learned what some national bureaucrat who dictates these national standards thinks that all kids need to learn. Finally, we’re concerned that the colleges and universities will start to refuse to accept students who have not taken these Common Core–aligned curriculum. We are seeing an approach to change education to see what national bureaucrats think all kids should learn taught in every single school.

Mike:When parents are free to make educational choices for their children, all children benefit. I’m Mike Farris.

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