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Interested in Filmmaking?
Volume 116, Program 44

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Is your child a budding screenwriter or film director, but you’re just not sure how to help her pursue her dream? Stay tuned, because today on Home School Heartbeat, host Mike Farris and his guest Micheal Flaherty provide some guidance for kids interested in filmmaking.

Mike Farris: Micheal, what would you say to a high school student who dreams of writing the next Oscar-winning screenplay or producing the next Golden Globe–winning film?

Micheal Flaherty: Well, I’ve actually met a lot of these folks, so I’ve been in this position and you know, I tell them two things. First, I remind them of, St. Paul’s great advice, you know. Be anxious about nothing and pray about everything, because it’s very stressful setting off into any career and filmmaking is no different. And the second thing is to keep reading. Too often when kids graduate from high school or college, they think that that time of exploration is over, and they get into this whole idea of, you know, basically that they just want to learn a trade and their reading stops. And I think that if they stay involved in reading stories and also stay involved in reading the Word, they’ll know the elements that make a great story, and they’ll be well on their way.

Mike Farris: Micheal, I think that that’s wonderful advice. I met a screenwriter in Hollywood, who’s a Christian, about a decade ago and was talking to her about what kind of an educational program we could pursue at Patrick Henry to impact the culture in the area of film and storytelling. And she said the most important thing was to have something to say. The technical craft of making the movie is not as important as having a life story; having a message, having the ability to know good literature from bad literature, and so, you know, we’ve really at Patrick Henry tried to focus on giving some depth to that life message. And I hope that we’re going to see some really great kids do some great things in the years ahead. I’m Mike Farris.

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