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Homeschooling and Film
Volume 116, Program 43

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Why would you choose to homeschool if both parents keep busy schedules? Find out today on Home School Heartbeat, as filmmaker Micheal Flaherty tells host Mike Farris how homeschooling provides the flexibility for kids to learn about what they love!

Mike Farris: Micheal, you’ve been involved in education for some time, and Walden Media makes a point of creating curricula to go with your films. Why did you and your wife choose to homeschool your own three children?

Micheal Flaherty: There are a number of reasons. One of the biggest reasons was, we had the opportunity to. We do a lot of travel for my job, and I love to take my wife and my kids along, and it just gives us the opportunity to be able to spend a lot more time with them, and also choose what we want them to read and where we want them focused.

Mike Farris: Do you think you’re going to encourage any of your kids to go into filmmaking?

Micheal Flaherty: I’d love them to go into storytelling. My oldest son Christian is a fantastic artist, and he draws all kinds of things, and my other two daughters are great actresses as well. So I think it would be fantastic if they did something in that storytelling world.

Mike Farris: Well, Micheal, I know that you’ve inspired a whole lot of homeschool kids around the country. When I speak at homeschool graduations, a significant portion, maybe 20% on average, want to go into some aspect of storytelling, filmmaking probably being the most popular of that approach to storytelling. And so people want to do what you’re doing and they see the value in storytelling, so I want to encourage you to keep doing it. And after 30 years of homeschooling my own kids, I know the challenges of teaching your own. I also know the rewards and I’m glad to share those with you. I’m Mike Farris.

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