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Kid-Driven Films
Volume 116, Program 41

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How can you help your child become more excited about history and great literature? This week on Home School Heartbeat, Micheal Flaherty, the co-founder of Walden Media, explains to host Mike Farris how films can educate, entertain, and spread truth.

Mike Farris: Our guest today is Micheal Flaherty. He’s the co-founder of Walden Media, and the creator of such popular films as The Chronicles of Narnia, Amazing Grace,and Charlotte’s Web, all of which I love. Micheal, welcome to the program.

Micheal Flaherty: Thanks for having me on, Michael.

Mike Farris: Can you tell us about how Walden Media began?

Micheal Flaherty: Sure thing. I was looking for something to do that would get kids excited about literature and history. I was volunteering teaching in the inner city at the time, and kids loved the movie Titanic and it turned them on to try to discover a bunch of other things, so the idea that I came up with my roommate from college and my brother Chip was that if we could make films based on great moments in history, great people in history, and great literature, it would inspire kids to get more excited about learning.

Mike: What was the first project you began to work on?

Micheal: Our first project was the movie Holes, and we got some letters from a teacher in Pennsylvania saying, “I think you guys should make a film out of this book.” We didn’t pay any attention, and the next week the teacher was teaching a class in persuasive writing, so she clearly did a good job because the kids in those essays really persuaded us to go and do it.

Mike Farris: That’s great. It’s really interesting that your first project was a kid-driven, teacher-driven project. That’s wonderful. I’m so glad you were able to step out in faith and get the company started. I’m Mike Farris.

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