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Success Is in the Details
Volume 116, Program 40

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With the unemployment rate high, employers often receive many résumés for a single job opening. How can your high schooler create a résumé that stands out from the rest? Today on the Home School Heartbeat, host Mike Smith speaks with marketing manager and homeschooling dad Alan Hudson.

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Mike Smith:
I’ve heard that employers spend an average of 15 seconds looking at a résumé. Alan, what suggestions do you have that will make important information actually jump out?
Alan Hudson:
Well, you are right. Most résumés are only given a quick glance. But there are some strategies that will allow you to make it to the next step in the hiring process. First, I would say to be clear that you meet or exceed the requirements for the position, and to be concise and targeted with your skills and experiences. Also, be clear and uncluttered, using bullets instead of full sentences. But be accurate, without spelling or grammatical errors.

And I would also encourage to not be afraid to use a diagram or a word picture to make yourself stand out. I would list your accomplishments and your activities in a way that show your commitment to teamwork, to dedication, and to success. And if it’s a handwritten application, use a good pen and your best handwriting.

Finally, be sure to follow up within a few days to connect with the reviewer. Remember, what you're trying to do is to make your résumé more memorable, so that you get the call for a face-to-face interview.


Alan, I’m sure many homeschooled teens and their parents will find this very helpful. And until next time, I’m Mike Smith.

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