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Daily Hospitality
Volume 116, Program 35

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Do you want to practice hospitality more regularly but don’t know how to start? This week’s guest shares some practical hospitality tips for your family on today’s Home School Heartbeat, with your host Mike Smith!

Mike Smith:
Theresa, you have made hospitality a hallmark of your family through Candle in the Window network. Can you share with us some other ways families can practice hospitality on a day-to-day basis?

Theresa Bowen:
Well, the first thing that I would say is, don’t wait for things to be perfect. Go ahead and begin practicing hospitality right where you are. Don’t wait for your children to grow up and be well-behaved; it’s a blessing for them to grow up with company. Two, I’d say, be intentional. Think about the people in the stories you want your children to hear and invite those people over for dinner. Three, fit it in with what you’re already doing. One thing that we enjoy doing is uniting hospitality with whatever we’re studying in school. For example, the year that we read the Little House on the Prairie books, we would have a dinner at the end of each book, and we would dress up and eat whatever they were eating at that point in their lives. But we’d always invite another family. And finally, and probably most importantly, I want to stress: be grace oriented. Be gracious when your host or guests do things a little differently than you do, and consider hospitality, especially to strangers, to be a little taste of heaven where we join with the throngs from every tribe and nation throughout the ages. We’re all unique, but we’re all one.

Well, Theresa, thank you so much for starting this organization; this is absolutely tremendous. And we’ve really enjoyed having you on the program this week! And until next time, I’m Mike Smith.

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Would you like to know more about how your family can participate in A Candle in the Window hospitality network? Follow the link to explore their website!

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