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Connecting with the Network
Volume 116, Program 33

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Today on Home School Heartbeat, host Mike Smith is joined again by Theresa Bowen, as she explains how you can start practicing hospitality by participating in the A Candle in the Window network!

Mike Smith:
Theresa, how can our listeners get involved in Candle in the Window hospitality network? In other words, is there a screening process that families must pass before they can use A Candle in the Window?

Theresa Bowen:
Well, we would love for all of your listeners to visit our website and explore: www.acandleinthewindow.com. And we designed the website to be both a secure communication network through which members could contact each other but also provide resources that will inspire people to delight in hospitality. We worked with a Christian attorney to make it just as safe a process as possible, and this is how it works: anyone can visit our website and see our locations and benefit from our resources. However, it’s not until a person joins that they can access the member directory. When you join, you fill out a pretty extensive profile. We never ever give out a person’s last name or address; you would only be known as Mike in Purcellville, Virginia. Members initially contact other members through our messaging system, and once you receive a request then you can look up that person’s directory, and you can learn a lot from that. We also ask our members to provide a reference letter from a church leader, but only you, after corresponding online, can give out your last name and street address; we never give out that information.

Well, Theresa, thank you for that very helpful information. And I’m sure this network could be a valuable resource for many of our listeners. And until next time, I’m Mike Smith.

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Would you like to know more about how your family can participate in A Candle in the Window hospitality network? Follow the link to explore their website!

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