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Beyond the Books
Volume 116, Program 6

Originally aired May 23, 2011
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How can you get to know your kids better outside your homeschool classroom? Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and even blistered! Host Mike Smith shares fun and practical ideas on today’s Home School Heartbeat.

Mike Smith:
For many of us, the school year is ending, and it’s time to transition into the vacation mode! After spending so much energy making sure that learning happens, we may have forgotten by now that our children have hopes and dreams that don’t make it into their essays and book reports.

There’s nothing like a shared activity to strengthen family bonds. So, dust off that tennis racket, brush the cobwebs off that rake, and begin discovering your children’s thoughts and aspirations in a totally school-free setting!

Summer is a great time to get in shape, so make a point to exercise together! If you know how to play tennis, teach your children at the local rec center. Or, if your son or daughter finds competition motivating, train for a 5K run together. If your children like to soak in the scenery, find a guidebook to local biking or hiking trails.

Another idea is to introduce your children to various hobbies. You might take the children fishing or teach them how to make a family recipe. Maybe you would have fun letting the children help you plan and plant a vegetable garden.

Field trips are another great summer activity. Pick a day to explore local museums or historic sites. Afterwards, ask the children what they enjoyed most about your day. Listen closely—their answers might not be what you expected!

Until next time, I’m Mike Smith.

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