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Set for Success
Volume 115, Program 68

Originally aired October 21, 2009
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Your success or failure to meet expectations is based, at least partly, on what those expectations are. Mary Jo Tate offers suggestions for determining reasonable expectations when you’re homeschooling as a single parent. That’s today on Home School Heartbeat, with your host Mike Smith.

Mike Smith:
Mary Jo, on our last program, we talked about balancing work and family. Let’s talk specifically about homeschooling today. How do you set reasonable expectations for your family’s homeschool program, as a single parent?

Mary Jo Tate:
Mike, it’s really important to design a realistic educational plan that you can actually implement, rather than wasting precious time fretting over the gap between theory and practice. It’s great to teach your children together whenever possible, especially for history, literature, and science. Encourage independent learning when your children become competent readers. Taking responsibility for their own education teaches important skills and offers the opportunity for each child to pursue his own special interest.

Don’t try to do everything yourself, either. Delegate some instruction to older children, which reinforces their learning as well. Educational videos and software can be helpful in moderation. Audio tapes or CDs can be great for reviewing math facts, history dates, and so on. And recorded books can supplement live read-aloud time. Participating in a homeschool co-op can multiply your own efforts. Set up systems and routines to keep things running smoothly.

It’s really important to find peace in the space between the ideal and reality. Your homeschool may not match your highest goals, but you can still make it work and give your children an excellent education.

Mary Jo, that’s very wise advice. And thanks for sharing with us again today! And until next time, I’m Mike Smith.

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