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Encouragement from the Other Side
Volume 115, Program 50

Original Volume 104, Program 15
Original Airdate: April 29, 2011

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There’s nothing to lift the spirits like having someone come alongside and say, “Keep it up! You can do this!” If homeschooling seems a little daunting today, listen in as a mother and daughter who have completed the home education journey join host Mike Smith, on Home School Heartbeat.

Mike Smith:
Mother and daughter Mary and Shannon Healy are with us again today to share their experience on homeschooling as a single-child family. Mary, what encouragement would you share with parents who may be considering homeschooling but are hesitant because they have only one child?

Mary Healy:
Homeschooling an only child has its own challenges, but they’re not greater than those faced by a larger family—just different. The joy of homeschooling an only child is in following the interest of the child, and being able to skip through subjects they’re good at and concentrate on those that seem difficult. For example, Shannon learned to sew when she was just 5 years old. And although she rarely needed spelling tests, boy, did we spend hours doing algebra! And, with an only child, you have more time and flexibility to join co-op classes or go on fieldtrips. So, just think of something that interests your child, and go and have fun while you’re learning.

Well, that’s so true, Mary! And Shannon, as a homeschool graduate, what was the best thing your family did to enrich your homeschooling experience?

I think the best thing, was that they read to me—all the time. I think Mom read every single Jane Austen aloud, and some of my best memories were of Dad reading us J.M. Barrie in the evenings. I didn’t even like to read myself until I was 7 or 8, but I never once thought that I didn’t like books.

Well, Mary and Shannon, thanks so much for encouraging our listeners this week! I’m sure your insights will be helpful to many families homeschooling or considering home education! And until next time, I&rsqquo;m Mike Smith.

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