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Studying AP Literature
Volume 115, Program 31
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Why should Christians study literature? Join us today on Home School Heartbeat,as Dr. Steven Hake shares the significance of literature in our lives with host Mike Smith.

Mike Smith:
Today I’m joined by Dr. Steve Hake, who is a professor at Patrick Henry College and the master teacher of Patrick Henry College Prep AP English Literature course (that’s a mouthful, isn’t it?). Welcome to our program, Steve!

Dr. Hake:
Glad to be here, Mike.

You tell your students that studying literature has helped enrich their study of the Bible. Now, can you give us an example of why this is the case?

Dr. Hake:
Yes, we often say here “the Bible first but not the Bible only.” The Bible is the only guide for faith and life; it’s the Word of God. As such it trumps everything. But God also reveals himself to us in many other ways. He reveals himself to us in what He has created, both in the heavens—“the Heavens declare the glory of God”—but also in our human personalities. We’re created in God’s image. And so when we study literature, we are learning more about what it means to be a human being, and we’re not getting answers in literature, but we’re getting good questions; we’re being stirred up and invited to think deeply about life, in ways that we had never had before. And that’s what our imagination is given to us for; it’s a good gift from God to get us to think about things and ask questions that we might not otherwise ask, and so we can find out how blessed we are in Christ, how rich the gospel is, how many questions it answers, because we’re bringing more questions to it.

Dr. Hake, this is very valuable information, and thank you for sharing it with us and with our listeners. And until next time, I’m Mike Smith.

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