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Spiritual Preparation
Volume 115, Program 2
Originally aired on 6/23/2009
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Whether our children are attending a religious or a secular school, college is a time of spiritual challenge. How can we strengthen our children’s faith during the high school years so that it will stay steady later on? Today’s guest on Home School Heartbeat shares some guidance.

Mike Smith:
This week, we’re joined by Diane Kummer, high school coordinator at HSLDA, whose two children were homeschooled through high school and have graduated from college. Diane, many parents worry that their child’s faith won’t weather the spiritual challenges that come during college. What advice do you give them?

Diane Kummer:
Well, first, parents should turn away from their worry and instead once again entrust their children into the Lord’s care and protection. He loves your children!

During high school, teach God’s word. Help your teens analyze current events in light of Scripture by building a biblical worldview course into their studies. Don’t be offended if your teens question or express doubts regarding their spiritual beliefs. Instead, see these comments as God-given opportunities for honest communication. When scheduling college visits, explore local churches, check out college ministries so that your teens can quickly establish friendships with other godly young people.

Last, I’ve got a personal tip. During the college years, I mailed my children a weekly hand-written note. They loved finding something in the mail box besides junk mail! I’d include a Bible verse to encourage or a quote to inspire them. As I dropped those notes in the mail, I prayed they’d walk in a manner worthy of the Lord. I was reminded my responsibility was to pray and to encourage. But, more importantly, I was reminded to place my focus on the Lord’s power to keep them and to protect them.

Diane, thank you very much for that helpful advice. And, until next time, I’m Mike Smith.

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