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Helping Children Learn Thankfulness
Volume 114, Program 5
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One of the most important things parents can ever teach their children is how to be grateful for the gifts they’ve been given. Wondering how you can teach the habit of thankfulness? Today on Home School Heartbeat, author Ann Voskamp joins host Mike Farris with some practical ideas.

Mike Farris:
The greatest desire for many is to teach their own children how to give thanks to God for His gifts. How would you share how you teach your children thankfulness?

Ann Voskamp:
Oh, Mike, there’s five reasons why to teach kids to be grateful. Research says, number one, children who practice grateful thinking have better attitudes. Number two, they have better relationships. Number three, they have better grades. Number four, they have better attentiveness. Daily gratitude intervention with young adults resulted in higher reported levels of states of alertness and attentiveness. And, number five, they’ve better sensitivity. Children who kept gratitude journals were more sensitive to situations where they could be helpful. How do we do it as a family? Three ways: number one, we have this little booklet that folds up—one piece of paper that folds up—they stick it in their pocket, called “Seven Gifts (Good & Perfect).” All day long they’re looking for seven gifts they can write down and share at the dinner table. Number two, we have this daily “joy dare” that we put on the fridge that has prompts, and can they find three specific gifts that God gives during the day and tell us back at the dinner table that evening? Number three, we keep a family gratitude journal laid out on our coffee table all the time. Collectively, can we as a family write down a thousand gifts and give thanks to our God? So we have those three downloads; they’re all available at AnnVoskamp.com as a free gift from our family to your family.

Ann, thanks so much for joining us. I’m Mike Farris.

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