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Constitutional Law and Self-government

Vol. 112, Prg. 41–45
July 2–6, 2012

We should never think that the question “Who has the power to make law?” is a dry, academic question. The Founding Fathers fought a war over it. And today, our freedoms are being taken from us principally because we’ve allowed various government agencies to violate the fundamental principle of self-government. On this week’s edition of Home School Heartbeat, Michael Farris explains these violations and why we must fight to preserve this right.

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The Fundamental Principle
Who Can Make Laws?
Who Can Change the Constitution?
The Glancing Goose Test
How Do We Preserve Self-Government?
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If we’re going to be a free people, we’ve got to remain true to the Constitution. Mike Farris teaches the constitutional history and legal theory that are essential to American self-government in a DVD series, Constitutional Literacy with Michael Farris. Help preserve liberty—get Constitutionally literate.

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