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Lend a Hand
Volume 112, Program 65
Airdate: 8/2/2012
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Do you love to network? Or maybe meet-and-greets leave you cold, but you love to perform practical acts of service. Well, whatever your gifting, if you have a heart for helping homeschool families in need, you can make a difference! Learn more today on Home School Heartbeat with host Mike Smith.

HSF Ambassador Program

Are you ready to get your hands dirty to help those in need? Learn more about how you can be a part of the Home School Foundation’s Ambassador Program and make a practical difference in your local community.

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Mike Smith:
Ricci Black has been with us this week, talking about the work of the Home School Foundation’s Ambassador Program. Ricci, what opportunities are there for our listeners to get involved with Ambassadors Program and really make an impact in the lives of needy homeschoolers?

Ricci Black:
Well Mike, our ambassadors are the hands and feet of HSF, helping us find and meet financial needs in their own communities. Some families in dire need don’t even know HSF exists to help them. But our ambassadors are right there, personally involved and able to organize their homeschool community into action on behalf of a family beset by crisis. But there are so many needs, and so few ambassadors in comparison! Our listeners may want to learn more and join our ambassador team by visiting homeschoolfounation.org/volunteer.

Ricci, this is a great opportunity for current homeschoolers…and for families who have graduated their children and would still like to stay involved in the community! We’ll have more information for our listeners on our website. And thanks for joining us this week! And until next time, I’m Mike Smith.

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The Home School Foundation exists to help families homeschool through hard times. Learn how you can give or receive help through the Home School Foundation’s Military Fund.

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