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Draw a Logical Conclusion: An Interview with Doug Gelvett

Vol. 108, Prg. 26–30
November 28–December 2, 2011

Logic may seem like an outdated or impractical subject to study. But this week on Home School Heartbeat, Biola philosophy professor Doug Geivett joins Mike Smith to explain how logic helps us to move our lives “along the rails of reality” and find true answers to the questions and puzzles we discover in the world around us.

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Logic: Guarding the Premises
Family Syllogisms
Logical Models
Stands to Reason
Logic Resources

Logic Resource Sheet

Are you ready to explore logic in your homeschool? Our Logic Resource Sheet lists many resources for various learning levels, including Dr. Geivett’s recommendations. Request our free Logic Resource Sheet by clicking the link below.

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Dr. Doug Geivett
Doug is Professor of Philosophy in the Talbot Department of Philosophy at Biola University (La Mirada, CA). He teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in the areas of epistemology and the philosophy of religion. In addition, he has taught courses on the new atheism, and on film and philosophy. Doug is the author or editor of several books. He is co-editor with Jim Spiegel of the book Faith, Film, and Philosophy: Big Ideas on the Big Screen. He has lectured throughout the United States, and in Canada, England, Scotland, Spain, France, Sweden, China, and Ukraine.

Doug’s hobbies include sea kayaking, reading outside his discipline, digital photography, travel, motorcycling, and studying foreign languages. His favorite place in the country is the Olympic Peninsula, Washington. He writes for himself and others. He scavenges for useful tips for writing of all kinds, for any of his hobbies, and for general life management. He cares about ideas—which ones are true and why we would should think so. He’s fond of asking, “Are you good at believing the things you believe?”

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